Publishing on Linkedin

I realized that it’s been 4 months since I published anything on my blog. The reason is that I have been publishing on linkedin for the last few months. I will try and keep this updated as well. Some of the posts on linkedin are written by my team.

The most complete list of blogs will be on our website at


Here are some recent posts  published on linkedin


1. Cosmic Cancer –  This is a poem on cancer mutations ( a few of the more common ones)

2. Journey to better health –

3. TB is not to be –

4. Happy Women’s day with Genomepatri –

5. Genomepatri Lite- When Lite can be powerful –

6. A salute to Charles Darwin –

7. The wacky world of DNA –

8. Stay Hungry, Stay foolish- and always charged up –

9. Fitness Foil- in a good gym, must thee toil

10. Burn Calories- The NEAT way



And there are more.



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