Now a Genomepatra to foretell your health

Now a Genomepatra to foretell your health

For the first time in India, find out from your saliva, what your genes can tell you about your future health. Aptly named Genomepatri, this test allows individuals to get a glimpse into what their future truly holds. All it takes is one spittle to find out about risks emerging from genetic predisposition towards various kinds of diseases. The ailments the test can foretell includes cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic diseases or neurological conditions. Through the tests, genes may, for instance, show markers for alcohol dependence or high risks for heart diseases. The results would enable an individual to promptly make lifestyle changes to preclude a genetic predisposition.

4 thoughts on “Now a Genomepatra to foretell your health

  1. Great to know that genome sequencing is available in Hyderabad! What about the privacy of individuals and security of the data? And, the cost? Thanks.


  2. Dear Anu acharya ji the cost for diagnostic kit is approx 20000-25000 which is too pricey for general public. why not your company introduce economic price for same kit to allow widely access for aam aadmi even in rural areas…… please reply…..


  3. As I mentioned, there are several types of tests that start at Rs 1000 at this time. The most expensive is the Genomepatri but we have EZscan for diabetes, Webneuro an online test, smart sport , cardiomap and many more


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